The Catholic Diocese of Rourkela, a religious-social-charitable association comprises the whole civil district of Sundargarh, Odisha. It is also known as “Diocese”. It has got 42 units, known as Parishes. Each Parish has several mission stations and most of them are in the interior villages.

Its registered office is situated at Bishop’s House, Hamirpur, Rourkela, PIN-769003, Dist. Sundargarh (Odisha).

Its objectives

To perform works of Charity

  • Spiritual: Spiritual well being of the people
  • Corporal: over all human development of the people
  • To provide education
    • Secular
    • Moral
    • Religious
    • Social



  • Helping the poor
    • Helping poor students in studies
      • Sponsorship program, where children are provided school uniform, pen, pencil, note books, text books, study materials, toilet articles (soap, tooth paste, etc)
      • Supply of study materials, dress etc. to the poor children.
    • Help to Poor People
      • Poor people are given Sewing Machines, rickshaws, finance for starting small shop for business, building small houses for poor, winter clothes etc.
    • Providing Drinking water facility
      • Tube wells for schools, hostels, villages
    • Medical assistance to the needy
      • Our members help the Catholic Mission Hospital Nuagaon, to run it smoothly. One of our members is the Director of the Hospital and one member is a Doctor and they provide honorary service to the poor patients.
      • Every unit of the Society has a small Primary health centre (dispensary) run by Sisters to provide immediate first aid, maternity care, treatment for sickness and providing medicines in the remote villages where the poor people have no finance to bring the patients to treat.
      • Medical expenses of poor people are also paid whenever needed.
      • Recommendations are given for various patients to Christian Medical College, Vellore & St. John’s Medical Bangalore
    • Medical awareness programs are being conducted in the villages in order to develop healthy habits amongst the people.
    • To provide relief to the victims of natural calamities.


  • Catholic Diocese of Rourkela helps to establish, manage and administer the educational institutions which include 148 Primary schools, 24 Nos. of M.E/U.P schools and 08 Nos. of High schools which receive full Grant-in-Aid from the state Govt. of Odisha. Besides these, there are another 40 nos. of schools which are recognized and waiting to receive full grant-in-aid.

Maintaining/repairing schools

  • Regularly school buildings, furniture, boundary wall, office are repaired and renovated

Providing private teachers to the School

  • Schools are running short of teaching staff so the private teachers appointed in some schools and Diocese financially helps to pay the remuneration of these teachers.

Animation programs

  • “talent hunt”, IQ test, Debate, General knowledge, Personality development programs, sports, educational tours for children & staff

Providing hostel facilities to the children

  • Boarding and hostel for the children in all level of school have been provided by the Diocese in some areas.


  • Construction/renovation of the churches, residence of Priests, Parish Hall (community hall) etc.
    • Churches are built for the community of the area, which is used as prayer hall for all
    • Community halls are built for providing night shelter to those who come for various programs
    • It is also a society which caters to the spiritual need of the people
    • In order to update the members for effective service for the charitable, social and other related activities animation programs are being conducted time to time


Bishop’s House, Hamirpur, Rourkela, PIN-769003, Dist. Sundargarh (Odisha).